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Healthy Wisconsin 2020 public educational campaign:

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"I really can't tell you how excited I am to announce the release of the CSW's Healthy Wisconsin 2020 program," stated Dr. Jay LaGuardia, President of the CSW. The official kick-off was announced one week ago (June 18th) at an event in Wausau where over 200 chiropractors, CAs, CTs and CRTs are in attendance. "It was a very special day to share with all of our members and future members; this will be the start of a new game to change healthcare in Wisconsin" added Dr. LaGuardia.

"When forming the CSW one of the key requests that we kept hearing was the need for a statewide public educational campaign. The goal or concept was to create a program that would increase the public's awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care. We were told that it was impossible and 'there were not funds to support such a campaign.' Yet with hard work and determination that has come to define the CSW, we are proud to announce the release of the CSW's Health Wisconsin campaign," stated Dr. Dean Shepherd, president-Elect of the CSW.

"The importance of this accomplishment can't be overstated," added Dr. Kris Erlandson, CSW Board member and Treasurer. "Social media is the great equalizer. It allows the members of the CSW and their patients and their patients' friends and their friends the ability to receive the truth about achieving wellness through natural chiropractic healthcare," he added.

"The best part of the entire process is that the CSW has partnered with Amplifeied, a proven advocate of chiropractic and social media company to allow the baseline program to be free to all CSW members," stated Dr. Lona Cook, CSW Board member and Secretary. "The Amplifeied program will be the foundation on which the CSW builds its multi-level public educational campaign."

To be a part of this historic process, simply click here and join the members of the CSW in changing the face of healthcare in Wisconsin.


2nd Annual Health and Wellness Summit:

Start the month of October off with inspirational programs at the second annual CSW Health and Wellness Summit. Join Dr. James Chestnut, Dr. Claudia Anrig, Dr. Loomis and other internationally respected speakers for a weekend of motivation to take your life and practice to the next level. Reserve October 9-11 to attend this inspirational health summit. Registration opens next week.

ChiroKids Day:

End the month of October with a bang by participating in the first annual CSW ChiroKids Day. This special statewide educational program is a part of the CSW's new public educational platform to spread the word about the truth of achieving true wellness through natural chiropractic healthcare. This will be a media blitz across the entire state of Wisconsin on the importance of chiropractic for kids. Stay tuned...sign up will open soon!

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