Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always!

President's Message:
"It is now time to change healthcare in Wisconsin."

The 2015 Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin introduces its strategic initiatives to enhance the chiropractic profession.

pres2015 will be a defining year for the chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. The members of the CSW plan to change the game of healthcare in our state.

We are excited to build on our 2014 success and embark upon the next phase of our strategic plan to vitalize and enhance the chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. The CSW leadership truly listens to our members. Based on your input, we have developed a strategic plan for chiropractic in 2015 built on a foundation of strong chiropractic principles. We agree with our members that our future success as a profession is 100% based on increasing the public's awareness of, demand for and access to chiropractic wellness services. It is not based on the inclusion of drugs or surgical procedures in our scope of practice. In order to accomplish our goals, we will need all chiropractors in Wisconsin to join our dynamic team. Please review our 2015 goals and targets. If they align with your vision, join the CSW and help us accomplish them.

All of us at the CSW thank you for all of your support. We feel blessed to be able to serve our members and this profession. We are excited for the new initiatives planned in 2015 to help our members give love and serve more patients in WI.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a healthy, abundant New Year!

~ Dr. Jay LaGuardia, CSW President

With that directive in mind, the CSW leadership will be focusing our members' resources and efforts on five major projects:

    • Preservation of our unique and valuable chiropractic principles through the absolute opposition to the WCA's scope of practice expansion to include prescribing drugs and performing surgical procedures.
    • Statewide Chiropractic Wellness Educational Programs: The CSW has developed and will be implementing in 2015 for its members, a series of statewide community and industrial educational chiropractic wellness programs that are designed to increasing the public's awareness and demand for chiropractic services. Our goal is to bring in nationally renowned speakers and fill auditoriums around Wisconsin with public members to hear the chiropractic wellness message.
    • The Boldest Legislative initiatives in 20 years: The CSW will be once again initiating bold legislation that is designed to protect and advance the chiropractic profession by accomplishing 3 goals:
      1. The "any willing provider" provision to allow patients access to the chiropractor of their choice and prevent in the future the recent BCBS removal of chiropractors from a plan,
      2. Co-pay equity that is designed to remove co-pays that are higher than your actual office visits and
      3. Strengthen the insurance equality statutes to decrease improper denials of valid claims.
    • Obtain WIAA approval for chiropractic examinations of student athletes: The CSW has already started initiatives to change the current WIAA regulations regarding chiropractic examinations.
    • Dramatically increase your chiropractic foundation by bringing to Wisconsin internationally renown chiropractic presenters. Presenters for 2015 include: Dr. Arlan Fuhr, Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. James Chestnut, Dr. Claudia Arnig, Dr. Mitch Mally, Dr. Evan Gwilliam, Dr. Howard Loomis, Dr. Georgia Nab and many more!

If the above projects align with your vision for chiropractic in Wisconsin, we ask that you join the CSW and volunteer to assist us in making them a reality.

The CSW Reflects on a Successful 2014

shepherdIt was a powerful year of advancement for chiropractic in Wisconsin thanks to the CSW. The CSW hit on all cylinders in 2014, achieving all of the targets we promised to our membership that we would undertake.

~ Dr. Dean Shepherd, CSW Vice-President

Legislation: The CSW was successful in passing the informed consent legislation that protects every chiropractor in Wisconsin from frivolous lawsuits. Coupled with the removal of the WCA's exam in 2013, in 2 short years, the CSW has passed more chiropractic legislation than the WCA has in the last 20 years.
Fall Health and Wellness Summit: The CSW's first statewide summit was a smashing success and revitalized all chiropractors and CTs in attendance. Internationally renown and admired speakers presented on chiropractic wellness to overflow rooms of DCs eager to use the information back in their offices. 2015 looks to repeat and exceed 2014!
Defeated W/C reforms that were detrimental to the chiropractic profession: The CSW was part of a healthcare coalition that worked to defeat the proposed W/C changes that negatively impacted the chiropractic profession. The issue will be coming back in 2015, and the CSW will once again be prepared to fight for our members.
Revived district meetings: Local meetings around the state were virtually non-existent until the CSW started bringing value to each district. The CSW has created district meetings that bring value and rekindle the camaraderie with fellow chiropractors that had been lost in Wisconsin. Coordination with NWHSU allowed the CSW to bring CE credits for seminars on Medicare documentation and informed consent.
Improving Insurance Relationships: The CSW was a sponsor at the Alliance of Health Insurers. This allowed CSW leadership to cultivate relationships with the insurance companies to open dialogue with each company including WPS, BCBS, UnitedHealthcare and others.
Protecting the Foundation of Chiropractic: The CSW stood as a formidable blockade to the controversial and significantly flawed WCA initiative for prescription drugs and surgical procedures. We will continue to fight to preserve our identity and chiropractic principles.

Staff Certification Courses Being Offered in January!

Please join us in Madison January 9, 10 and 11. Eight different courses available! Learn more here.

CSW News & Happenings!

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