Empowering Chiropractic to Vitalize Wisconsin (Vision Statement of the Members of the CSW)

A clear and purposeful vision allows one to seek out and find the opportunities that exist to create success rather than focus on the barriers that prevent it.

The leadership of the CSW recently met at the Kalahari Resort for an inspiring day of vision and optimism on the opportunities available for the chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. The results of this amazing meeting will encourage all chiropractors and CTs to see that together we can Empower and Vitalize not only our profession, but the entire state of Wisconsin.

We look forward to all chiropractors and CTs who share our positive values, philosophy and vision for chiropractic to join the CSW and bring your unique set of skills to help us change healthcare in Wisconsin.

Commitment to providing natural healthcare without the use of drugs and surgery.

So that there is no doubt, the Vision of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin does not and will not include the expansion of scope of practice for chiropractic in Wisconsin to include the use of drugs or surgery.

The CSW is joined in this position by more than 40 other chiropractic organizations that comprise the Chiropractic Summit. To ensure that there was a clear and concise public position the Chiropractic Summit adopted and published the following statement:

"The drug issue is a non-issue because no chiropractic organization in the Summit promotes the inclusion of prescription drug rights and all chiropractic organizations in the Summit support the drug-free approach to health care."

The chiropractic profession is based on a very special and unique philosophy and natural method of healing that is increasingly being sought out by the public. The CSW will be providing new and positive resources to assist its members to expand their practices in 2014, including statewide educational programs that promote wellness and natural health.

The CSW encourages the WCA to join us and publicly announce that they will not seek expansion of scope in Wisconsin to include the use of drugs or surgery.

Focus on Wellness.

CSWThe CSW's Vision strongly supports Chiropractic Wellness. We are extremely excited to announce that the CSW has partnered with Standard Process to provide statewide programs in 2014 that will enhance industrial and community wellness through the promotion of chiropractic healthcare and wellness. Please be sure to look for the CSW notifications and updates in 2014 of when this members only program comes to your region of Wisconsin. We believe it will transform your community and practice.

Vision of providing Value:

There were many reasons the CSW's district meetings were so well attended in 2013. Led entirely by the CSW district officers, the district meetings provided a positive environment that encouraged optimism and camaraderie. In addition, the inclusion of free educational programs featuring international presenters such as Drs. Mally and Plasker gave true value to all who participated. Based on the goals set by the district officers, 2014 promises to be even better. Please watch for updates on when the CSW district meetings will be held in your region.

Open up CE opportunities in Wisconsin.

The CSW will continue our vision for affordable CE opportunities for Wisconsin Chiropractors and CTs! We believe that necessary changes are near and chiropractors soon will have the opportunity for completing in-state seminars and not have to continue to travel out of state to obtain valid and educational CE programs.

The recent hearing regarding the appointment of Dr. Church to the Chiropractic Examining Board finally revealed to the public what many of us within the profession knew was happening regarding the denial of valid and competing seminars within Wisconsin. It was extremely disturbing to witness testimony from Dr. Church where he actually stated that he approved scuba diving seminars for 16 hours (CHI 140316) yet continued to somehow justify the non-approval of valid seminars taught by Jeannie Ohm, Dan Murphy and other great chiropractic educators. The public hearing can be seen here. (Testimony begins at the 54:55 minute mark.)

Please watch for updates as the CSW continues to successfully open up and allow affordable CE opportunities for Wisconsin Chiropractors and CTs in 2014.

Vision that matches your personal beliefs and purpose.

If your vision includes empowering chiropractic to vitalize Wisconsin, we ask that you join the CSW to help us help you achieve this vision.

If your vision includes transforming your practice and community through wellness and natural health, we ask you to join the CSW to help us help you achieve this vision.

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